Ordering FsXPand/FsClient

FsXpand is available only as a download.

We now take monthly subscriptions for FsXPand that will cover all future upgrades.


1. Register FsXPand 8.x, BASIC version, Euro 69,50 (I have evaluated the demo)

2. Register FsXPand 8.x, FMS version, Key only, Euro 147,50 (I have evaluated the demo)

3. Register FsXPand Single Gauge 8.x, Key only, Euro 9,50 (I have evaluated the demo)


4. Upgrade to 8.x FMS, for 7.x (or before) Basic license holders, Euro 79,50 (I want to upgrade to FMS, and I am a registered 7.x (or before) Basic user)

5. Upgrade to 8.x Basic/FMS for 7.x (or before) Basic/FMS license holders, key only, Euro 19,50    (I want to upgrade to 8.x, and I am a registered 7.x (or before) Basic or FMS user)

Once I have received notification of your payment, your order will be processed ASAP.
Your personal unlock key will be sent to you by e-mail. This occurs usually within 24 hours, vacation periods excluded.
Please note that a refund is impossible, for you would still be able to use the purchased key, once you have received it. That is why the demo is fully functional and only limited in session time.

Paypal is the reliable world-wide accepted payment method for online payment by anyone having an e-mail address. You do not need a credit card, use your bank account. Paypal has sufficed for many years without a single glitch. Send money by bank (details...)

triodos bank

Please note: For any use beyond private or home use of FsXPand/FsClient, you need another license. Please contact us at feedback@flyware.nl for details.

Major updates will require an upgrade fee. Patches, bugfixes remain freely downloadable.
The license key is not linked to one PC, so a system change does not require you to renew the license. Neither is there a limit to the amount of clients/panels you want to run. The license is valid for 1 Local Area network (